New rules for labeling products with lactose

Posted on 14 de March de 2017

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It is important that companies keep are always updated about the market. Below we present the new rules for labeling products with lactose, according to Resolution RDC 136/2017, published in March 2017:


lactose amount in the food

Phrase on the label

Below 100 mg / 100g or ml Zero Lactose, Lactose free, 0% Lactose, Lactose free

or Contains No Lactose

100mg to 1g / 100g or ml Low lactose content, or low-lactose
At or above 100mg / 100g or ml

It contains lactose


This limit is based on technical references and the experience of countries that adopt the labeling of lactose for longer, like Germany and Hungary. Companies have until 2019 to tailor their labels to the new rule!

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