Via Farma - Innovation and Quality

Founded in 1997, the Via Farma It began its activities as importer and distributor of natural products to pharmacies. Over the years of work Via Farma It expanded its line of domestic raw materials and imported.

Via Farma aims to be scientific leader in customized functional nutrition and through this responsibility has the masterly market innovations in nutraceuticals assets focused on the body's health, improved performance and sports performance and sports.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, so part of our day to day continuous improvement in the company's stock and the spread of science and knowledge.




Scientific leader in Nutrition Functional Custom.



• Focus on the client

• Focus on results

• Innovation

• Entrepreneurship

• Speed

• Acting as a global leader


Quality policy

Accountability to our products, total satisfaction of our customers, valorization of the human being, continuous improvement in the company's actions and commitment with the results to ensure sustainable growth.


Total solution for the masterful market.

The rapid growth of Via Farma the market was conquered day-to-day work, dedication, and above all with a commitment to provide customers with the following benefits:

  • A wide range of products aiming to meet customer needs. Among our various lines, we can highlight: Inputs phytoceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Mineral chelates, Vitacomplex® and Vitabase®;


  • Raw materials of high quality, approved by the Quality Control Laboratory and Microbiological Control;


  • Personalized Service, provided by a team of constantly trained salespeople and a fully structured sales department for fast customer service, supported by information systems that add security and faster service;


  • Packaging practices, modern and functional;


  • Stock sectored by group of inputs, with special conditions of storage and control to ensure the availability and integrity of the products;


  • Competitive prices;


  • Fast Delivery.

The mission of human resources policy Via Farma is the main focus to ensure a management system that values ​​human potential and generate favorable organizational environment to motivate people leading them to contribute and commit to performance excellence and results organizational.

Basic Principles
  • Provide employees with necessary conditions for achieving your personal goals, Professional and company the.
  • Continuing education
  • Remuneration / benefits the market average
  • Qualified professionals
  • Foster interpersonal relationships


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